Effective March 1, German bicycle wholesaler and importer Hermann Hartje KG will distribute the French brand Mavic in Benelux and Denmark. In Germany, Mavic S.A.S. currently still distributes its products with its own team. Both partners have a long history: Hartje has been around since 1895, Mavic since 1889.

In recent years, Mavic was on difficult terrain. In 2019, the company was sold by its former parent company Amer Sports (now in the hands of China’s Anta Sports) to U.S. investment group Regent. In May 2020, Mavic had to file for insolvency. Since July 2020, the brand belongs to the French investor Bourrelier Group, and the new parent company is streamlining the Mavic organization.

After the difficulties and change of ownership, the main focus is now on making the brand profitable again. While efforts are currently focused mainly on the wheelset range, Mavic is simultaneously reducing its softgoods (cycling apparel, shoes, helmets and equipment). For 2021, some new products will be coming to the range, but mainly carryovers from 2020. This also means that the 2021 softgoods range is transitional.

Hartje could convince Mavic for a partnership with their long-grown and particularly close relationship with the bicycle trade, which today extends far beyond Germany. In Europe, the company has continued to expand its position in recent years. The portfolio of so-called “exclusive brands” (including brands such as Camelbak, Fizik, Fulcrum, G-Form, Silca, Sonax, etc.) under Hartje’s distribution is said to grow with Mavic “by a special high-caliber”. According to industry observers, it seems to be only a matter of time before the Hartje-Mavic partnership will penetrate further countries.