The retailers affiliated with Intersport around the world raised their sales by only 2.1 percent in euros and by 3.2 percent in local currencies in the course of 2016 according to preliminary estimates, reaching a total level of €11.12 billion. With its cooperative structure, Intersport consolidated its position as the world's largest retail organization in the sporting goods sector, but it may have lost some market share, probably due in part to the growing competition from online retail. Intersport International Corp. (IIC) is determined to catch up with a major “digital acceleration” program aimed at generating 10 percent of all retail sales through the internet within four to eight years' time. The program will start with the implementation of hybrid business models at the Intersport organizations in France and Germany next month, followed by new initiatives in Denmark, Spain and other countries. Read the details in tomorrow's issue of SGI Europe, which covers all the segments of the sporting goods market.