Successori Reda, the Italian manufacturer of higher-end fabrics and marketer of the Rewoolution brand of functional sports apparel in merino wool and other products, was able to present impressive figures at Ispo Munich. The company's total sales went up in 2014 by 15 percent and reached a total of €80 million. Reda's managing director, Ercole Botto, said that the export ratio was as high as 85 percent, with France and Germany as the most important foreign markets. The Ebitda margin on sales was an impressive 21.5 percent.

Rewoolution, the company's own brand of merino apparel, remains relatively small after its launch four years ago. Last year, sales were close to €1 million, but Botto expects them to increase by 100 percent during the current year.

As its unique selling proposition, Rewoolution claims to have the entire supply chain under direct control from the sheep farms in New Zealand to the front end toward retail. All fabrics are manufactured in Europe, while the final garments are all composed in factories notably in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Reda is quite an old company. It was founded in the 19th century by the Reda family and was sold in 1919 to the Bottos, who have been controlling it ever since. Its customers include well-known quality apparel brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani and Hugo Boss.