Starting in January 2012, Silva, the Swedish maker of compasses, headlamps and accessories, will use Salewa as its agent for Germany, feeding the market out of its own warehouse. Marcus Haas, Silva's international sales director confirmed that the deal will go along with the shutdown of Silva's subsidiary in the country, effective Dec 31.

Haas said that the new arrangement was partly due to last July's takeover of Silva by Karnell, a Swedish investment company, which led to a split between Silva and Gerber, the knife company. He said, however, that there are no plans at this point to give Salewa the distribution for other markets.

Stefan Rosenkranz, the chief of Salewa's German operations, welcomed the new brand in his portfolio, which is a technically excellent amendment to his offer. Additionally, he is sure that Silva will help Salewa to make it into the running and cycling segments, categories which Salewa has not been familiar with so far.