At the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, a new specialty company for high-end dyeing came to the market with some well-known customers. The company, SpinDye, was founded only two years ago by an interesting combination of Swedish and Taiwanese business people.

George Yang, one of the shareholders, has some 40 years of experience as an OEM manufacturer producing yarns and laminates for customers such as The North Face. He runs factories in mainland China to dye and refine yarns. His partner, Martin Berling, is based in Stockholm and is in charge of research & development as well as of sales and marketing.

Berling sums up SpinDye's unique selling proposition as follows:

a) Truly consistent colors, which do not differ from one production run to another, are very important, and critical for displays of the merchandise;

b) the colors are not fugitive and won't fade away;

c) the dyeing process is eco-friendly, as it is not being based on water. The ingredients are delivered by Clariant, the Swiss chemicals corporation.

Yang and Berling founded the company in 2014, but now have committed customers. For Patagonia, however, Berling pointed out that it might still take some time until a collection based on SpinDye products is ready. According to Berling, the two partners want to do it properly and don't want to announce a starting date until then.

The cooperation between SpinDye and Fjällräven is more definite. There will soon be a new offer of the famous Kånken daypack in which the SpinDye technology is used. The company is hoping to present a set of ten or more high-ranking customers this winter, as negotiations with them are in full swing.

The fact that Berling won over Fjällräven as his first customer does not exactly come as a surprise. From 2007 he acted as the licensee of the Swedish brand for the U.S. market. In 2011, Fenix Outdoor acquired a stake in the company and bought out the entire operation in the following year.

Berling comes from a Swedish sporting goods dynasty. His grandfather ran bicycle stores in the Stockholm area and his father was one of the founders of Intersport Sweden.