With a record of 318 delegates registered for the event, the third edition of the European Outdoor Summit (EOS), held in Sheffield, England on Oct. 13-15, was described as a success. High-caliber chief executives and other managers were among the delegates, who came from 20 different European countries as well as the U.S., China and Canada.

The two previous editions of the EOS were held in Stockholm and Tegernsee, Germany. The next one is now planned for Sept. 29-30, 2016 in Barcelona, where it will be hosted by the Spanish sporting goods industry association, Afydad. The date has been shifted from an originally planned Sept. 26-28 schedule in order to avoid a possible conflict of dates with a similar and older annual outdoor industry convention in the U.S., the OIA Rendez-vous, which will likely be held next year in Denver, Colorado.

Berghaus, Ispo and W.L. Gore & Associates were the headline sponsors of last month's EOS. The event was organized by the European Outdoor Group (EOG) in conjunction with the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) of the U.K. Andy Rubin, chairman of Pentland Brands, gave a very interesting keynote speech on changes taking place in consumer behavior in an increasingly global and digital marketplace. Innovation and women were the topics of two thought-provoking panel discussions.

Other topics discussed at the convention were the future of retailing, blogging and film making, design, young and aging consumers, social media, sustainability, the promotion of outdoor participation, health and the economy.

We will be reporting on some of the most relevant presentations made at the EOS in the current issue of The Outdoor Industry Compass and in the next ones.