Messe Friedrichshafen has won a pitch that did not happen. The five-year deal between the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the trade show operator will be extended through a “rolling contract” that is automatically renewed in the absence of any major complaints - the way EOG has dealt with Ispo for the winter show.

This contract is being finalized these days, even though the final decision will be taken at next January's assembly of the EOG members to be held during the Ispo show in Munich.

Mark Held, the secretary-general of the EOG, told this publication that there was no desire among the members to have another emotional pitch between Munich and Friedrichshafen the way it happened in 2007 culminating in a ballot at Ispo in early 2008. No-one called, he said, to ask for a similar procedure to pick another location.

Held explained that a rolling contract nevertheless did not bind the industry federation to a long-lasting contract as it was the case during the past ten years. Saying that there was no need to change the current situation, Held emphasized that the most important thing is to be predictable and consistent. Therefore, the choice was again Friedrichshafen. In short: never touch a system that is running well.

Another reason to leave the show at Lake Constance is to take out any emotional overtones and to avoid repeating the battle between Friedrichshafen and Munich - fought with blood, sweat and tears - . that occurred four years ago

This type of détente is well adapted to a new generation of trade show managers who are simply more relaxed than those they succeeded. There should be mentioned Klaus Wellmann (the chief of Messe Friedrichshafen) and Stefan Reisinger (who has to do the work with his team) as well as Klaus Dittrich, Tobi Gröber and Markus Hefter on the Munich side.

Tobi Gröber told the Compass that he has not been invited for a contest to organize future outdoor shows. It is up to the EOG to decide on the venue. On the other hand, he emphasized that he was very happy with Messe München's partnership with the EOG for the two Ispo shows in Munich and Beijing.