My Esel is the Overall Winner in the latest edition of Ispo Brandnew, the international competition for sports start-ups. The jury recognized the platform My Esel, a concept for customized bicycles made from Austrian wood, as “a textbook example of digital transformation in the sports industry.”

A web-based algorithm determines, in real-time, the customer's proportions, ideal seating position and an ideal frame geometry. In order to do so, the algorithm looks at elements such as the height, shoe size and lower leg length of the customer. The shape of the frame, colors, components and materials of the bicycle can also be customized.

You may have already read the full list of the winners in the contest in the latest issue of SGI Europe. For those who didn't, here are some of those who are more or less related to the outdoor sector:

* Fiftyten, Germany, a universal travel cabin with a roof tent for all double-cab pickup trucks, was the winner in the Hardware Summer category.

*Templa, Belgium won in the Apparel category for its outdoor performance apparel, which is described as combining contemporary aesthetics with technical innovations.

*The Athlete's Mask - Microsfere, from the U.S., won in the Wearables category. This new respiratory mask, designed for regions with heavily polluted air, features a smart airflow system, operating in combination with a mobile device. The mask provides performance data based on the athlete's breath, and is also designed to enable natural breathing and optimal ventilation during longer physical activities.

*The Social Mercenary, from the U.K., won in the Social Awareness category, for its apparel and accessories made by Ghanaian craftspeople from hand-woven “royal fabric” called Kente.

All of the 2018 Ispo Brandnew award winners will be present at the upcoming edition of Ispo Munich in hall B4 on Jan. 28-31, 2018.

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