The year 2013 was very good for Norrøna. The Norwegian company grew by nearly 30 percent, with sales amounting to about 360 million Norwegian kroner (€43.5m-$59.4m). In an interview published by Sportsbransjen, Norrøna's chief executive, Jørgen Jørgensen, explained that the company's strong growth comes after many years of clear distribution decisions. Furthermore, he stated that a long partnership with two major Norwegian retailers, Sport 1 and Stadion, has been a major factor in the success. Since 2009, Norrøna has reduced the number of stores it supplies in Norway by 20 percent. This means that existing stores are purchasing more goods from Norrøna. Its mono-brand stores have also been successful and accounted for about NOK 95 million (€11.5m-$15.7m) of the total revenue in 2013. This spring, the company will open its 10th brand store in Norway.