Three founders of Addnature, a predominantly online outdoor retailer controlled by Internetstores, have acquired a stake in Isbjörn of Sweden, a supplier of outdoor apparel for children. The shareholding was bought by Mathias Hedström, Klas Berggren and Martin Larsson, who have jointly become Isbjörn's third-largest shareholder. Hedström joined Isbjörn as chairman of its board a year ago. The investment comes as Isbjörn is investing in the international market, mostly in Germany and in China. The Swedish brand was created by Camilla Schmidt and Maria Frykman, who described the investment as an endorsement of their brand and their development plan. Addnature is familiar with Isbjörn as a customer, and the new shareholders could help to develop the brand's online sales business. Hedström said in a statement that the managers and owners put together a development strategy for the coming years, targeting the Nordic markets and further international development. The new shareholders praised the quality of Isbjörn's products as well as its management, under the leadership of Schmidt and Frykman. Isbjörn is formally controlled by Nordic Kidswear, established by the two women in 2005. Among its latest product updates, Isbjörn boasts that it's the first company to have launched a three-layer construction in garments for juniors, for the upcoming winter season.