(SGI) The three top executives of Messe München charged with Ispo’s development and digital transformation – Tobias Gröber, Jeanettee Loos and Markus Hefter – gave a few details about the format of the next Ispo Munich and OutDoor by Ispo shows at the end of the virtual general assembly of Assosport, the Italian sporting goods industry association, where Anna Ferrino was elected as its new president.

As already reported, Ispo Munich Online will take place on Feb. 1-5 in a digital-only format, coupling product presentations with conferences and other events around the topics of digitalization, health, creativity and sustainability. Consumers will be invited to participate for the first time, over the internet.

New products will be shown in a physical space and illustrated through “functional-oriented” presentations in the morning, followed by networking sessions between brands and buyers. Workshops and conferences will be held in the afternoon.

It’s not yet known whether OutDoor by Ispo will be a physical or digital show, but it will have a strong digital component in any case. Scheduled for June 20 to 23, it will use the lessons learnt from Ispo Munich Online, where its new concept will be presented to the trade.

As Hefter, the project director, put it, Messe München wants it to be “the beating heart of the outdoor sector.” They will involve all the elements of the sector, including sourcing and design. It may even include a “mountain festival” for consumers.

In any case, the event will deliver relevant information about products as well as “market intelligence.” The internet will maximize its international reach. Hefter noted that about 1,000 people participated in a discussion on sustainability during the Ispo Re-Start Days this past summer, which would have been impossible without the internet.