VDA Trailers (Valle D’Aosta Trailers) is launching Outdoor Sport Expo, a new event that the organizers describe as a mix between a fair and a weekend of outdoor experiences. The event, which is scheduled to take place in Courmayeur on June 11-13, is designed for both companies and outdoor enthusiasts. Participants will have an opportunity to discover new products and materials and to test them on the spot. Furthermore, athletes and brand ambassadors will take visitors on various excursions, with the possibility of participating in a variety of outdoor sports and activities like hiking, trail running, mountain biking and more. The event will be held entirely outdoor and in compliance with a specific anti-Covid protocol. VDA Trailers is the non-profit organization behind Gran Trail Courmayeur, Tor de Géants, Tor de Glaciers and other endurance competitions in Italy’s Aosta Valley.