Transa, the big-box specialty retailer in Switzerland, is preparing the country’s largest outdoor store in the heart of Zurich. The opening of the 3,000-square-meter selling surface is scheduled for Sept. 22, 2012. The store is designed to be the “best and largest center of competence” for travel, outdoor and mountain bike equipment in Switzerland.

The new Transa door is part of a complete refurbishing of an area next to Zurich’s main train station. In a huge effort, the whole area of the postal logistic center at the main station with a total surface at 78,000 square meters is being completely rebuilt with restaurants, apartments, cafés and much more. The entire project will not be finished before 2019.

The new Transa flagship store is designed by the team of architect Holger Moths, a company that has already been in charge of developing the stores of Globetrotter in Frankfurt, Berlin and Cologne. The appointment of their studio is part of a transfer of know-how from Germany’s largest specialty outdoor retailer to its Swiss homologue. As reported, Globetrotter acquired a 25 percent stake in Transa at the end of 2008.

In 2008, Transa had sales worth some 45 million Swiss francs (€30.7m-$41.8m) at retail prices. The chain already operates three stores in Zurich (one regular store, one low-price outlet and one bike store). In Bern it runs one regular store and one price-driven outlet. It has one regular store and one bicycle door in Basel. More regular stores can be found in Winterthur, Sankt Gallen and Luzern. On top of this, Transa operates a couple of Jack Wolfskin stores on a franchise basis in Switzerland.