Vaude reported at the Ispo show in Munich that its total sales increased by 6.3 percent in 2017 as compared to the previous year. Sales in Germany, the company's domestic market, went up by 7 percent. Else where they grew by 4 percent, down from the 8.7 percent recorded in 2016.

International sales made up 26.2 percent of total revenues, which have reached an annual level of more than €100 million. Sales in the rest of Europe were relatively strong, rising by 7 percent increase as compared to the previous year. Outside Europe, they were largely stable. Vaude recorded a particularly positive development in Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as in the U.K. Sales in Italy, Sweden and Finland were positive. They were stable in France and Switzerland.

The category of bike sports products represented 35.9 percent of Vaude's total sales, while the mountain sports product category made up 58.6 percent, with packs and bags accounting for the rest. Across all categories, apparel accounted for 65 percent of the company's total sales, bags for 24.6 percent, tents for 3.8 percent, shoes for 2.8 percent, sleeping bags for 2.3 percent and autumn/winter accessories for 1.4 percent.

At Ispo Munich, Vaude presented its new Green Shape Core Collection, a selection of sustainable gear for winter 2018/19, to be launched in August. The line uses Tencel in the linings of the fleece jackets and pants as well as in its reversible vests. Unconventional raw materials such as unmarketable cow's milk, castor oil and wood are also used.

The Green Shape Core Collection comprises 19 multi-use, sustainable items of apparel, shoes and backpacks designed for outdoor activities. About 90 percent of the collection will be sold in Europe at 60-70 selected retailers in a very limited quantity. Vaude will launch the second edition of its Green Shape Core Collection for summer 2019 with a focus on the bike segment.

Vaude's company-owned stores managed to increase their sales by 7 percent on a same-store basis last year. The company has 16 stores in total, 15 in Germany and one in Belgium.