Walltopia, the Bulgarian company that designs and manufactures artificial climbing walls, is about to open its first “Walltopia Adventure Hub” entertainment center in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This futuristic indoor adventure structure will take a space in the Galaxy Family Entertainment Center, located within the Lavina Mall.

The hub will combine various attractions for adults and children such as the Rollglider, a 154-meter-long rollercoaster zipline that is driven by gravity and controlled by body movement, offering an adventure experience that combines the feel of hang-gliding, proximity flying and a coaster ride.

Other attractions include a low- and high-ropes course with 23 different challenges called Ropetopia, a giant parabolic slide, an artificial caving system for adventurous explorers and a free-fall device that safely mimics the experience of base jumping. The park will also feature 84 metres of adventure trails and over 20 interactive wall climbing challenges.

The hub's estimated capacity is 700 people per hour, or a maximum of 5,000 per day. The construction work is scheduled to begin in October this year.