Albany International, the owner of the Primaloft brand, has announced a strong increase in sales of this specialty brand of insulation products. In its fourth quarter, Primaloft's sales soared by 47.1 percent to $5.22 million, and its operating profit went up to $2.23 million – six times or so higher than in the previous year's period. A large part of the tremendous growth came from Europe. Mark Kaminski, in charge of European sales at Primaloft, told this publication that the strong growth is basically due to two consecutive cold winter seasons, and not the result of finding new customers. Instead, Kaminski said that Primaloft continues to be very selective in its search for quality-driven brands. Meanwhile, Primaloft has hired Leonardo Loro for sales and marketing in southern Europe in charge of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. The 38-year-old used to work for Primaloft's customer service before, but switched to GE to work for their membrane business and ended at that company as sales and marketing manager of Event for southern Europe.