Chiruca, the Spanish outdoor footwear brand, raised its sales by 5.5 percent for the first half of this year, according to Diffusion Sport. In the past year, Chiruca's sales grew by 9.4 percent to €12.9 million. In the last few months, the brand recorded a reasonably strong performance in Spain and higher sales in several other countries, France being the biggest export market, followed by Poland, Chile, Russia and the Scandinavian countries. Export sales account for 17-18 percent of the company's total turnover. The group's commercial director, Fernando Castiella, told the Spanish publication that Chiruca met the strongest demand for its hiking and trekking shoes as well as for an entirely revamped travel footwear range and its women's sandals. The company launched a marketing plan involving investments in television advertising for three to four weeks in October and November.