Source: Fazua

With a brand relaunch, e-bike drive manufacturer Fazua opens a new chapter to its newly launched umbrella theme of “Energy Bikes.” According to the German company, the rapidly growing number of sportive cyclists will find Energy Bikes “the optimal natural support in every category.” With this feature and the fact that Fazua-equipped bikes can be transformed into a normal bike in seconds by removing the complete drive pack, which weighs just 4.2 kg, the company also wants to stand out noticeably from the competition. With the further development of its brand image, Fazua says it manifests its design aspirations at all levels. As part of the comprehensive brand relaunch, the manufacturer of drivetrains for the “sporty segment” shows its development on the redesigned website www.fazua.com. Fazua currently cooperates with over 40 e-bike brands worldwide.