Chamatex, the French textile manufacturer based in the Ardèche department, has become a majority shareholder in Toptex3 (Toptex Cube), another French firm specializing in the production of technical clothing and luggage for the sports, luxury and health sectors through innovative assembly processes. Toptex Cube was founded in 2014 by Philippe Joffard, a former controlling shareholder and CEO of the Lafuma Group. Toptex currently has more than 30 employees and expects to post revenues of more than €2 million this year, according to Chamatex’s press release. In its assembly processes, Toptex uses state-of-the-art technologies like laser cutting devices and machines that allow seamless assembly processes, among others. Combining Chamatex and Toptex technologies is expected to help the Chamatex group accelerate its development on three main target markets: sports, luggage, and health products. As far as the sports market is concerned, following this acquisition, Chamatex plans to strengthen its partnership with Rossignol while also developing new products with other sports brands.