The Swedish ski brand Extrem Skis has unveiled pictures of the new 350 square meter expansion of its ski factory in Åre. The company stated that it took three years of planning and one year of construction to complete the new annex. Extrem Skis also invested in two state of the art machines and drilled more than 1000 meters for pipes for geothermal heating. Earlier this month, Extrem Skis was awarded the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Municipality of Åre 2020” by the Swedish organization Företagarn.

Extrem was founded in 1981 for snowboard production in a garage by Patrik Söderlund and Stefan Cederberg. In 1998 they started to extend their product range with skis. In 2011 Söderlund and Cederberg found three new investors and renamed the company Åre Skidfabrik. Today, the company is run by the two founders and their business partner Carl Geijer. The team strives to make the ski production as climate friendly as possible.