Nordic Bioproducts Group, a Finnish start-up and a spin-off from Aalto University, has developed a new plant-based textile fiber called Norratex, made without any toxic chemicals or expensive solvents. In Nordic Bioproducts’ patented AaltoCell technology, the cellulose is first hydrolyzed in an environmentally friendly manner; then, it is further processed into a viscose-like textile fiber. The Norratex fiber can be made from various raw material sources, such as forest industry by-products, textile waste and ordinary paper pulp. This is described as a major advantage over traditional viscose, “which is made from dissolving pulp and the cost can be up to 30 percent higher than paper pulp.” The development and commercialization of the new fiber involve several partners, the company said, including CMPC Ventures, one of the largest producers of pulp in the world.


Source: Nordic Bioproducts Group

Knitted Norratex sample