About a year after joining the Fair Wear Foundation, Schöffel has published its first social responsibility report. On 26 pages, the outerwear company gives insight in its supply chain to provide transparency on working conditions and related issues. The report highlights what Schöffel and its vendors have already accomplished in the field of corporate social responsibility, and which work still has to be done to improve. According to the company, the report was compiled with the support of FWF and gives an overview on manufacturing partners and facilities, purchase and price strategies, and the choice of suppliers. Currently, 60 percent of Schöffel's offer is provided by vendor companies that have already been audited by independent bodies. Next year, the ratio of audited suppliers should reach 80 percent. The report is published at http://www.schoeffel.de/unternehmen/verantwortung/social-report-2012/.