Aftercare and waterproofing specialist Nikwax used last week’s Slide & OTS exhibition in the U.K. to unveil the findings of its first sustainability report. The company provided insight into some of the 20 projects it has committed to across the company to achieve its sustainability goals by 2025.

The first report of its kind since the company’s founding in 1977 seems long overdue, as Nikwax has always reflected its fundamental responsibility to preserve the natural environment while preventing further harm to the planet and its inhabitants. The brand was founded on these principles 45 years ago by Nick Brown. Today, Nikwax is a global company that sells its products in over 50 countries. Nikwax’s core values and principles remain the same, and the company continues to be respected for its innovative, sustainable, ethical, authentic and fair practices.

Following a materiality analysis that helped identify and prioritize sustainability issues across the company, a strategic roadmap was developed for the next three years. It includes more than 20 projects that will help Nikwax achieve its goals and positively impact people and the planet. Six areas of action will guide the brand into the future: Clean Chemistry, Climate Action, Conservation, Circularity, Ethical & Fair and Experts & Partners.

Clean Chemistry: Nikwax aftercare products are water-based and PFC/PFAS-free. The brand has also never used aerosols. Commitment: The company will continue to produce high-performance products that do not harm people or the environment by adhering to a chemical management system that meets the guidelines of the non-governmental organization ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

Climate Action: While operational emissions have been continuously measured and reduced since its inception, Nikwax is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by a further 30 percent by 2025.

Conservation: Nikwax currently works with conservation organizations locally, nationally and globally. Commitment: to donate at least 1 percent of sales to environmental and social causes.

Circularity: Nikwax products improve the performance and extend the life of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. To combat the problem of single-use plastic and keep plastic in the loop, Nikwax bottles are made from 100 percent recycled plastic and are recyclable. Commitment: by the end of 2023, 90 percent of the single-use plastic purchased by Nikwax will be made from recycled plastic.

Ethical & Fair: Nikwax believes in treating the people it works with (internally and externally) fairly and equally. Commitment: to become an Employee Owned Trust in 2022 and donate at least 1 percent of sales to social and environmental causes. In addition, Nikwax hopes to have all suppliers achieving premium sustainability levels by 2025.

Experts & Partners: Nikwax believes in collaboration and sharing knowledge and expertise, on the premise that together more can be achieved, and therefore wants to continue working with brands and customers to extend the life of outdoor products.

The full 2022 report is available on the Nikwax website.


Source: Nikwax

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