Patagonia has created an online store for its Worn Wear range, selling worn and repaired garments at cheap prices in the U.S. market. The online store is part of the Worn Wear program launched by the outdoor company several years ago. It sells products sourced directly from Patagonia customers, in exchange for merchandise credit to be used in Patagonia stores, including the Worn Wear online store. Other garments refreshed by Patagonia were previously gathering dust at the back of the distribution center. The Worn Wear program also leads to the opening of dedicated pop-up stores, as occurred in Berlin a few weeks ago. Such stores also repair customers' garments for free, even if they're from another brand, and they provide tools for customers to fix their products. If products brought in by consumers are too damaged to be repaired, they are recycled. Patagonia says that Worn Wear aims to provide ways to extend the life of quality gear, while proving that investments in the circular economy makes business sense.