Patagonia has worked closely with the Rodale Institute to create the Regenerative Organic Certification, which is meant to enrich the soil while valuing people and animals. This was announced in a blog post in September by Rose Marcario, the group's chief executive. She explained that the certification is the result of a cooperative effort among a coalition of change-makers, brands, farmers, rangers, non-profit organisations and scientists. The approach is not meant to supplant existing organic standards, but rather it provides guidance on ways for producers to establish and implement a regenerative organic framework that rebuilds soil health, says the post on The Cleanest Line. It claims that regenerative organic agriculture can rebuild topsoil, which has been degrading at alarming rates, and it can sequester carbon at the same time. The blog post shared a link to a framework for certification, requesting comments and input as the partners are moving toward a final version that will be facilitated by NSF International.