Schoeller and Textilcolor have collaborated on the development of Ecodye, a new eco-friendly technology that is said to accelerate the dyeing process for textiles. The new concept, which is used in particular in polyester dyeing processes, is expected to cut costs while helping to save the environment thanks to a lower level of demand on resources. The technology speeds up the dying process by more than 30 percent by shortening the heating phase, and reduces energy consumption by 20 percent. Water consumption is reduced by 25 percent as the goods can be cleaned in the cooling dye bath. The potential savings for each application can be calculated individually through a calculation program that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Ecodye is said to be suitable for all textile forms, machines and substrates as well as existing dye recipes, while not requiring any additional investment or conversion. The technology is being used by polyester-processing companies in outdoor, sportswear and technical knitted fabrics, mainly in Europe, Turkey, South and Central America, China and Bangladesh. Ecodye is Bluesign-certified.