Sherpa Adventure Gear has released its Impact Report for 2017, discussing its social achievements last year. The company has many of its garments and accessories made in Nepal. Sherpa claims that many of its handcrafted items are made by cooperatives of knitters in Bhaktapur, just outside of Kathmandu. For every item sold, a donation is made to the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund, which finances educational scholarships and materials to enable children in Nepal to go to school. For every product that Sherpa Adventure Gear sells, 25 cents are donated to the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund. Sherpa Adventure Gear sold 297,416 products between January and December 2017 which means that $74,354 went into the fund. It is enough money to support the education of 10 students in the following year. Sherpa's educational scholarships cover the students' tuition, food and lodging, extracurricular activities and uniforms. Also last year, 31,183 handcrafted hats were produced, according to the report. Every workday, after sending the kids off to school, groups of skilled female knitters gather in small co-ops to make Sherpa hats. Each hat takes at least three hours to craft.