The Oeko-Tex association commissioned a global research study to assess the consumer's attitudes as regards to textile sustainability. The study, which is entitled “The Key to Confidence: Consumers and Textile Sustainability—Attitudes, Changing Behaviors, and Outlooks,” was launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the association. The findings have recently been released to the clients of the Oeko-Tex Institute through a series of webinars, and will now be shared with the textile, apparel and home fashion industries via speaking engagements at industry events, webinars and other communication channels. More than 11,000 consumers of clothing and home textile were examined for the purposes of the study. The consumers had to complete an online survey with questions designed to assess their attitudes about sustainability, harmful substances, environmental responsibility, and the social welfare of textile workers. Oeko-Tex engaged Anerca International to conduct the project.