Toray Industries has announced a new commercial fiber brand that is said to represent the next level of PET-recycled fiber. The new “&+,” obtained through new production techniques, is said to produce whiter, finer fibers with contaminant-screening capability. Together with Kyoei Industry, Toray has developed a contaminant filtering technology and advanced cleaning techniques to stabilize the supply of raw materials that are impurity-free and no longer yellowish when used in textile and garments applications. The company explained that by combining these materials with Toray's fiber-production technology, it is now possible to achieve “perfect dye-ability comparable to the fibers materials made directly from petroleum source,” while also enabling to produce fibers that incorporate traceability technology. Having addressed the problems of quality and traceability, the company is now planning to expand its PET bottle-derived fiber to diverse supply chains on everything from fibers to textiles and apparel, through its global manufacturing sites.