Håkon Nygård, chief executive of Viking Outdoor Footwear, left the company last week. The Norwegian company's chairman said that Nygård is retiring and that the chief executive's functions were handed over ad interim to Christoffer Jahr, one of the company's board members and a partner at XO executive advisers. Nygård remains available for a transitional period and the permanent CEO will be announced in the second quarter. Viking, which is strongest in children's footwear, wellingtons and outdoor footwear, adds that it has a good base for further growth. Viking Outdoor Footwear supervises the Viking outdoor footwear brand as well as the operations of a joint venture that handles sales of the Berghaus brand in the Nordics. The company, which belongs to the much larger Bertel O. Steen Group, effectively removed one layer from its management structure two years ago. Leif Holst-Liæker, who was the chief executive of Viking Fottøy until about two years ago, switched to other functions at Bertel O. Steen and recently became chief executive of Bergans Fritid, the leading Norwegian outdoor brand.