Deuter Sport said it was updating its selective distribution policy, after court decisions in the last years have somewhat clarified the legal framework. The German backpack specialist said it has applied selective distribution since 2013 and it has fundamentally not altered its approach. Deuter reiterates that it regards competent advice based on a substantial product assortment as the only way to sustainably secure customer satisfaction. It continues to exclude sales on Amazon and Ebay, but at the same time it wants to include authentic and specialist online retailers. Deuter will be sending out its updated policy to retail partners in the next few days, to be approved by the end of this year and implemented from the start of 2019. Deuter itself was at the center of a case relating to selective distribution in Germany. The higher regional court of Frankfurt decided in December 2015 that Deuter should be allowed not to deliver to retailers who sell its products through marketplaces such as Amazon, but found it unacceptable from a competition standpoint to prohibit promotion of the products through price comparison websites by authorized retailers.