84 percent of second-hand shoppers in Germany say that buying second-hand clothing has replaced buying a new garment. Another 71 percent say they spent less money on clothing because they bought used items. These are results of the current Second Hand Fashion Report 2022, for which the second hand online store Momox Fashion has conducted two seperate studies for the third time in a row: A representative survey in cooperation with the market research institute Kantar as well as a survey among its customers to get detailed insights into the second-hand clothing market. A total of 7,826 people took part in the surveys.

The representative Kantar survey shows that buying second-hand clothing has become part of the routine: 67 percent of the German respondents have already bought second-hand clothing – an increase of eleven percent compared to the previous year. 56 percent do so regularly – at least once a year. For 45 percent, buying second-hand clothing has become very much a matter of course. In addition, 53 percent estimate that their closet consists of up to 20 percent second-hand clothing. Statements about sports or outdoor clothing were unfortunately not made or queried by the institute.

The most popular way to buy used clothing is online shopping: 44 percent of respondents buy online, 28 percent in second-hand stores, followed by flea markets with 14 percent. Surprisingly, the 50+ generation in particular likes to buy online (44 percent). Generation Z (under 25), however, prefers second-hand stores (30 percent).

When asked about the reasons for buying second-hand clothing, the customer survey of almost 7,000 Momox Fashion participants comes into play. The clear motivation for buying used clothing continues to be the sustainability aspect with 87 percent. 83 percent buy second-hand clothing because of the price savings compared to new items. 49 percent go in search of clothing in the second-hand trade because the desired goods are no longer regularly available. Almost all respondents (91 percent) consider sustainability and environmental protection to be important or very important when buying clothing. This is also reflected in consumer behavior: 85 percent try to buy second-hand whenever possible. 58 percent make sure to store for sustainable clothing. And 31 percent use environmentally friendly products to care for and clean their clothing.

For 51 percent of the respondents, the brand name is less important or unimportant when buying used clothing. Whether it was produced sustainably, on the other hand, is considered by 60 percent to be very important or important. Especially for the 60+ generation (75 percent), sustainable production of second-hand clothing is very important or important.

The full 2022 report in German is available here (direct PDF download).


Source: Momox Fashion

Second Hand Fashion Report momox fashion 2022 (German)