• OIA 21 Diversity panel

    Review (and general observations) of British OIA AGM


    This last week saw the British Outdoor Industry (OIA) have their annual gathering (to go through the financial reporting on their trade body) and bring together their membership – based on the principle that if the trade works together, more can be achieved. It was at the same event in ...

  • photo-boards-D0xQQsZovws-unsplash

    Opinion: Sustainability - Have we all got the wrong approach?


    There is not a single outdoor brand I know that does not have a sustainability policy – if anything, the term sustainability has been used for such a wide range of applications even I end up confused as to what it really means. There are two common definitions: the ...

  • MV0919_EOS_583

    Opinion: Outdoor by ISPO webinar, co-hosted by the EOG


    At the end of last month, there was a webinar about the show in October, which will happen outside the regular buying window for brands selling to retailers. The European Outdoor Group (EOG) had already spoken to their membership and would host up to 100 shell-scheme stands supporting the event. ...

  • smartin-ORShow0821--4657

    OR Summer: Considerably smaller, but an important signal


    More than a week ago, the Outdoor Retailer Summer (ORS) wrapped up in Denver, Colorado. Due to Covid-19, the show could not take place in its usual slot, making it too late in the year for many companies and retailers. Still, the show was an important event, as it was ...

  • OutDoorByISPO_hr_7311

    Opinion: Outdoor by ISPO – See you there!


    There is much debate around the new date of the Munich show as it seems to make no sense to have a gathering after the forward order books close. However, I think those who leap to this conclusion should have retired with the dinosaurs. Last week I was fortunate enough ...

  • Performance Days - Digital Fair December 2020_1

    Digital is here - but what is it missing for the Ingredient Sourcing Industry?


    The one positive thing agreed is that Covid-19 has accelerated the transformation to digital. It has offered more than a stop-gap solution, but has it provided a complete solution? If this question had been asked 18 months ago, everyone had made plans for a digital version this decade, but not ...

  • gemma-chua-tran-6tHTXiSRUi8-unsplash

    Opinion: The drip feed of the new product releases of this millennium


    As this decade starts to establish itself after the restricted conditions around the beginning of last year, there is a call out to Build Back Better. What this means is the re-establishment of the Outdoor Industry as Covid comes under control. However, the big change crept in while everyone was ...

  • fahmi-ariza-fW8Z_lHzg4E-unsplash Kopie

    Biodegradability: The next battle in the war of greenwashing?


    One of the main incoming extra features attached to synthetics this spring is biodegradability. Synthetics have come in for much criticism as they are seen as the primary source of plastics in the ocean, so would it make sense to have the visible part of them break down quicker: Is ...

  • heidi-fin-2TLREZi7BUg-unsplash

    Opinion: The short vs. long-term perspective of retail recovery


    Guest Article by Magnus Ohlsson The pandemic has led consumers to shift interests and behavior for now, but not necessarily forever. This also means that short-term gains and losses should not be translated into an everlasting future. It is important to take into the equation the brand performance of ...

  • austin-distel-rxpThOwuVgE-unsplash

    Opinion: The new distribution landscape


    The transformation of the B2B offline distribution as the sole chain to reach consumers to an online propelled distribution landscape has, as we all know, been accelerated by the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. As most offline-focused brands are now busy developing or updating their digital strategies, some ...

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    Amazon and other marketplaces could be held accountable for illegal sales


    Why the sale of illegal products through online platforms could become a problem for Amazon and other marketplaces – and why the widespread circumvention of EU competition law may soon be over