Original Buff, the main entity of the Buff group, rounded off its most recent fiscal year, ended April 30, with sales of €38.4 million, up by 8 percent from 2017. The Barcelona-based group's consolidated sales, subsidiaries included, moved some six million units worldwide and brought in €48.5 million, up by 10 percent from 2017. The €50 million milestone is not far off. Buff's strategy for international expansion has been to gain control of its distribution through acquisitions. The group already owns Buff Inc. in the U.S. and Buff in Germany, and over the past two years it has acquired its distributors in Canada and the U.K. The brand is just short of having 25,000 points of sale around the world. Its headquarters – in the town of Igualada, Barcelona province – has centralized all R&D, design, procurement, finance, marketing and sales, and employs about 260 people. The brand now markets about 1,300 hats, caps and tubular headwear.