Equip, the owner of Rab, Integral Designs, Outdoor Designs, and Pod Sacs as well as new owner of Lowe Alpine, wants to take Lowe back into the apparel business, a segment that its former owner, Asolo, halted before the sale of the brand last year. Matt Gowar, Equip's chief executive, confirmed to this publication that Lowe-branded apparel will hit the stores for the 2013-14 fall/winter season, to be shown at the next Ispo. To differentiate the Equip-controlled brands, Gowar would like to see Lowe clothing more in the mainstream direction than the more technically positioned Rab brand. The collection will be limited to begin with, since the development will start off from nothing, as Gowar puts it. The price points will not be significantly different from Rab's, however, indicating that he does not want to have Lowe as a cheap brand. Lowe will address more the hiker and the everyday user, while Rab continues to be the label for mountaineers and other high-end users.