Erected by Salewa at its new futuristic headquarters in Bolzano one year ago, its climbing wall complex has recorded a total of 60,750 visits so far, much more than the 40,000 visits that were originally predicted. On average, 166 people per day have been using the multiple climbing facilities of the so-called Salewa Cube. Nearly 1,000 climbers have a subscription to use them year-round, and more than 300 have attended climbing classes there. While the bulk of the participants have been Italians, 12.07 percent of them have come from other countries. Half of them came from Germany, followed by Austria, Switzerland, Russia and the U.K. To celebrate the first anniversary of the Salewa Cube, Salewa has decided to reprint a book on Erich Abram, an alpine climber from Bolzano who is said to have launched the world's first indoor climbing gym back in 1974.