HeiQ is launching the Fresh NKU, a new product in its odor control HeiQ Fresh Tech technology family. According to the Swiss company, the Fresh NKU can eliminate odors such as the plastic smell generated by its monomeric components, the smell from bacterial sweat or that of body hormones from textiles. HeiQ Fresh NKU sequesters these volatile organic compounds to its sorbent alumina-silica microparticles. Volatile odor compounds are immobilized on the surface of the particles in the textile and turned into non-volatile, and therefore non-perceivable, odor compounds. This new technology is said to be particularly suitable for polyester fabrics, although it can be applied to all fiber substrates, the company explains. HeiQ will be presenting the technology at the Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt on May 12. In June, the HeiQ's Textile Market Knowledge Center will release the findings of its latest consumer exercise to its brand partners, including Mammut and New Balance, sharing consumer insights on the topic of textile odor control.