Lestra, the French brand of sleeping bags and backpacks, has decided to concentrate more of its manufacturing in Europe. This was confirmed by Alpex Outdoor, which not only acts as Lestra's distributor in the German-speaking countries, but also as the center of the brand's global product management. Beginning with the 2013-14 autumn/winter season, Lestra will produce cotton sleeping bags exclusively in Germany, while parts and other products will come from European countries ? such as zippers from Germany, cotton from Denmark and garments from Italy. Simultaneously, Lestra has decided to expand its collection and to add apparel to its offer. The first sample has already arrived, but the company says it is still too soon to get into further details on the future line of garments. For last year, Lestra has reported a small increase in sales amounting to some €35 million. The company was founded shortly before World War II and is still family-owned by the three Andres brothers.