Lorpen, the Spanish brand of technical socks, has overhauled its branding and logo. The “Lorpen 2019 Brand Video,” available on YouTube and the company's website, was filmed around the village of Etxalar, in the Spanish Pyrenees, and at the Lorpen factory located there. About three minutes long, the video means to show that the company's socks are designed in a mountain area by mountain people and made of three-layered fabrics. This is what Lorpen calls T3. It consists of a hydrophobic inner layer (Primaloft), a hydrophylic middle layer (merino wool) and nylon on the outside, with spandex throughout for elasticity. The new corporate image already features on the company's packaging and point-of-sale materials. Lorpen operates in about 60 countries and generates about 70 percent of its sales from outside of Spain. The brand was acquired in 2014 by the Ternua Group, which also designs, produces and distributes technical sportswear under the Ternua brand.