Nikwax, the specialist in waterproofing and cleaning products for technical outdoor gear, was named among FabricLink's Top 10 Textile Innovations of 2015-16 for its Nikwax Hydrophobic Down. The annual FabricLink Network Top 10 Textile Innovation Awards honor organizations and product developers who strive for excellence in advances of textile products and technologies. Nikwax Hydrophobic Down is said to provide optimum outdoor insulation without the use of hazardous persistent chemicals. Nikwax has pioneered the move away from polluting  perfluorinated chemicals (PFC) water repellents and continues to engage in the search for high performance waterproofing with minimum environmental effect. The company claims to be the only major aftercare company to have never used aerosols or fluorocarbons. Nikwax Hydrophobic Down is produced with materials that have been screened for ethical sourcing, addressing sustainability and animal welfare.