Salewa is a sponsor of the photo exhibition “Kaukasus Karakorum,” which is being presented at the Messner Mountain Museum at the Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano/Bozen, Italy, from March 3 to Nov. 17, 2013. The Italian outdoor company aims at raising public awareness of environmental issues through the impactful images of glaciers melting down because of the greenhouse effect. With an approach that is scientific, historical, and artistic at the same time, about 30 historical photos of glaciers taken on various expeditions more than a century ago are compared with large-format photos showing exactly the same views today. The exhibition is part of the multidisciplinary project “On the trail of the glaciers,” organized by Fabiano Ventura, an Italian photographer and mountaineer, together with a team of scientists to survey and capture images of the main mountain glaciers of the world. Visitors are also presented with video excerpts from two documentaries that were made by SD Cinematografica during the two expeditions in Karakorum, in 2009, and Caucasus, in 2011. More expeditions are due to follow in Alaska, the Andes, Himalaya and the Alps, also aimed at surveying the state of mountain glaciers around the world.