The North Face (TNF) has unveiled what it claims to be the first outdoor apparel prototype in the world to feature synthetic spider silk. The Moon Parka is the result of a collaboration between Spiber, a Japanese biotech startup, and TNF Japan (Goldwin). The jacket is made with Omonos, Spiber's synthetic spider silk material. During the prototyping process, Spiber chose the protein types that are best suited to make the outer material and embroidery thread, and then conducted several tests in order to identify the ideal threads for the spinning, twisting, weaving, and sewing processes. The Moon Parka is based on TNF's Antarctica Parka, designed to endure the intense cold of the South Pole. The product is currently on display at TNF global flagship on 5th Avenue in New York City, and will be sold in limited quantities exclusively at the brand's stores in NYC and San Francisco.