Source: Vaude

Novum 3D prototype backpack by Vaude

With the help of German 3D engineering and plastics manufacturing specialist Oechsler, Vaude has developed a prototype of a new backpack – Novum 3D – that is made from TPU with a back panel made by a 3D printer. The whole product has been designed, developed and produced in Germany, mostly at the company headquarters in Tettnang. With its honeycomb back panel, Vaude aims for high wearing comfort, low weight and stability. As the pack is almost a mono-material product (the few non-TPU components are easily removable) and put together using welding technology, it is fully recyclable, bringing Vaude closer to the goal of full circularity. To keep the product as sustainable as possible, the materials are non-dyed. In a blog post on the company site, Vaude emphasizes the importance of the development process of the Novum 3D that has resulted in a lot of learnings for the company and will be useful for future.

Vaude is not the first brand to market a circular pack: Bergans of Norway had prototyped a recyclable pack in 2020 that was developed together with Finnish sustainable fiber specialist Spinnova. The pack was a limited edition, launched as a part of the “Collection of Tomorrow” concept by Bergans.


Source: Vaude

Detailed look at the Vaude Novum 3D prototype backpack in collaboration with Oechsler