To support emergency and medical personnel in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ski service machine specialist Wintersteiger from Austria has developed a new drying cabinet: The Pure CO18 is used for the chemical-free disinfection of protective masks and hygiene-related utensils. In addition to the drying process, ozone is used to effectively reduce germs. Wintersteiger has already been using this technology successfully for years in various sectors, such as the food industry, nursery schools and fire brigades. Due to developments in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company decided to modify the system: Each cabinet is equipped with 7 stainless steel baskets in which hundreds of masks and utensils can be dried within a short time. Disinfection is performed via a 6-hour timer for maximum flexibility or a 24-hour timer for fixed drying times.

According to Wintersteiger, several publications have said that it is already proven that coronaviruses on surfaces can be destroyed using ozone. Since the structure of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 is similar, experts are confident that ozone in combination with temperature will also be successful with this virus. The effectiveness is currently being tested and documented in a specialist laboratory.

The drying cabinet also contributes to environmental protection: Protective masks and clothing are dried, disinfected and can be reused instead of going into the garbage.


Source: Wintersteiger

Pure CO18 mask drying cabinet