Woolly, a Seattle-based Merino wool company, is in the process of a new Kickstarter campaign for its new Puffy jacket, a sustainable weatherproof jacket, described as the brand’s “sustainable alternative to jackets that include nylon, polyester, and synthetic fill.” The jacket is equipped with a NatureDry weatherproof shell and lightweight 100 percent merino LOFT insulation. The NatureDry LOFT Puffy is available for both men and women, the latter in a bomber style. The campaign on Kickstarter will run until May 9 and has raised nearly $300,000 so far. It was fully funded within 30 minutes of launch. Woolly was co-founded in 2013 in Seattle by outdoor-loving friends James Kelly, Mike Kudriavtseff and Chris LaPlante with the objective of replacing synthetic garments with better and yet affordable versions made from Merino wool.