Esportiva AKSA, the Barcelona-based importer and manufacturer of outdoor equipment, has become a distributor for Ticket to the Moon (TTTM), maker of a camping hammock. TTTM was founded in 1998 by a backpacker named “Charly” who found a way to improve his personal design for a hammock-tent after stumbling upon a parachute fabric in Bali, Indonesia. The company now has a factory in Bali where artisans assemble camping hammocks by hand out of a locally sourced, durable, breathable, mildew-resistant parachute nylon called OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Options include a tarp, a mosquito net, nautical rope and the company's Moon Straps, which work on tree trunks or smooth surfaces, such as metal poles. There is a ten-year guarantee on the workmanship. The company also runs the TTTM Foundation, which is supporting the Kodi tribe of Mandorak County, on the Sunda Islands of Indonesia.