+++ Johnson Outdoors has entered an agreement to sell the military and commercial tent lines of its Eureka! brand to the Rekord Group, a specialist in commercial, event and military tents

+++ French recycling technology provider Carbios has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s network, a pan-industry organization supporting the movement towards circularity in the textile industry +++



+++ The North Face presents the new documentary “Didi” on YouTube, featuring French snowboarder and Freeride World Tour legend Marion Haerty, who takes a personal journey into life off the competition trail +++



+++ Céline Brunel, who was interim CEO of Outdoor Sports Valley since Benjamin Thaller’s departure in November 2022, has been appointed new executive director of the trade association

+++ Vista Outdoor has announced that Tig H. Krekel has retired as vice chairman and member of the company’s board of directors, effective Feb. 27, 2023 +++


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