The European Network for Outdoor Sports (ENOS) held a very active 4th edition of its Nature and Sports Euro'Meet convention in the Catalonyan mountain resort of La Seu d'Urgell . A range of European experts and stakeholders from national, regional and local authorities, European and National federations, universities, practitioners and outdoor sports enthusiasts came together to discuss various topics: Mass participation in mega outdoor sports events; the growth and development of active tourism; outdoor sports, health and well-being; and outdoor sports and sustainability. An online toolkit for ENOS' Get WET project, endorsed by the European Commission, was launched at the convention. ENOS also used the convention to launch a partnership with the Europarc Federation of national parks and other protected areas. To help build relations among the delegates, they were engaged in mountain biking, kayaking and rafting, horse riding, Nordic walking and even breathing and relaxation techniques. The next Euro'Meet is set to be held in 2019 at Viana Do Costello, in Portugal.