The European Outdoor Group is making progress in determining what exhibitors and retail buyers want the most from its OutDoor show, and how it can be improved. It has received replies to its questionnaire from about 100 brands and retailers, which have been analyzed. Three industry experts are now in the process of holding 50 face-to-face interviews to go deeper into all the aspects of the issue. The experts are David Udberg of Scotland, Joe Sweeney of Ireland and Pascal Aymar of France. They will hold a meeting in Manchester at the end of April and make a final presentation of the results to the EOG in June, shortly before the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen. Udberg is a former president of the EOG who has been associatied with the Lowe Alpine brand for a long time. Sweeney is a founder of Cascade Designs, and he spent many years for that company in the U.S.. Aymar is a veteran of the sporting goods industry who has worked for Salomon and other companies and is now involved in academics.