The Outdoor Academy of Scandinavia (OAS) will repeat its successful OAS Kids event this year. It will be held in the Swedish resort of Åre from Apr. 1 to 4 with the support of Viking, Thule, Isbjörn and Reima, which will supply the gear for the 25-odd international retailers and journalists who will participate in the event, bringing together children aged from 5 to 12. The participants will only have to pay for their flights. Other OAS programs for adults will take place in special natural environments in Sweden and Norway in April, September and October, but some of them may be full already. They are sponsored by brands like Bergans, Devold, Helsport, Alfa, Aclima, Silva, Lundhags, Light My Fire, Ecco, Halti, Woolpower and Röjk. Held in English, the programs will involve product clinics and testing through a variety of outdoor activities.